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    2. 九星儀表,九星,天長市九星儀表有限公司




          Tianchang Jiuxing Instrument Co .,Ltd .was established in 2011 and is located in Tianchang City ,Anhui Province .It high-tech enterprise with a certain scale of instrument housing production and research and development ,and a member unit of the Chinese Instrument and Control Society.

          The company's products have obtained the national quality system certification and multiple explosion-proof certifications .The products produced include various specifications and models of temperature meter housings ,pressure meter housings ,flow meter housings ,level meter housings ,gas meter housings ,etc .Hundreds of aluminum die-casting shells ,the products comply with ( enclosureprotection level ).

          The company's technology ,process ,and equipment are constantly updated ,and product quality and service are always the first priority ,and make unremitting efforts to make better ,faster ,and more refined products and services .

      備案 皖ICP備2021015271號
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